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Regina Sanctorum

Majesty Paschal Candle

Majesty Paschal Candle

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RESERVED for Nathan J.

Please read this page before proceeding with your purchase.

This is an original design, hand-painted with acrylic paints on a 51% beeswax candle. This is our most elaborate design, and also the most medieval. We wanted to create a Paschal Candle that looks very similar to an actual manuscript page from the 14th century. The theme of this candle is Christ the King, or Christ in Majesty. This is a beautiful and important image of Christ in Sacred Art which was especially popular in the Middle Ages. Christ is depicted enthroned within a mandorla (which is a symbol of heavenly glory) with the world beneath His feet. His right hand is raised in blessing, and His left hand holds an open book. We also incorporated the Lamb surrounded by the four winged beasts, which represent the Four Evangelists, since this image is often seen in medieval manuscripts depicted near Christ in Majesty. We thought it would be beautiful to use this candle to depict Christ as both our King in Glory and the spotless Lamb who was slain for our salvation.

Incense grains will be provided with the candle.

Breakdown of Cost:

  • The base price (to cover the labor) of the Majesty candle is $700. It takes approximately 25 hours to paint. 
  • The price of the blank candle is included in the final cost, since I have to purchase it from a manufacturer. The price ranges from $65 (for the 1-15/16" x 36") to $240 (for the 3"x 60."
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or requests regarding your candle! May God bless you!
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